Helyett 100

Celebrate quality

Helyett 100

Celebrate quality

To honor 100 years of the legendary brand, we imagined an exceptional bike: the Helyett 100, manufactured in limited edition.

helyett 100


We imagined a "modern-vintage" road bicycle that combines the classic style of the famous Helyett Spéciale and the best of current technology. The Helyett 100 is a cyclosportif model designed for efficiency. Builded with Columbus Spirit steel tubes, the most prestigious of the Italian manufacturer, its frame provides a great reactivity to pedaling, an incomparable resistance over time and the comfort of absorption of shocks and vibrations of an emblematic alloy whose qualities are no longer to demonstrate.

helyett 100 columbus


A classic and contemporary style alchemy, the Helyett 100 keeps the historic color with a metallic green liquid paint made in car painting garage and has a design that is purified with a modernized typographic logo, a sober stainless steel headbadge and a mention "centenary" at the seat tube. The Futura Caliper carbon fork from Columbus brings a touch of modernity to a steel frame with a traditional look with polished and perfectly smooth welds. The passage of cables is internal and optimized against noise. Autre particularité, the headset is integrated in a conical bushing that keeps fluidity between the elements. Mavic wheels with discreet marking add to the elegance of the set. The Helyett 100 is the worthy heir to the most beautiful models of the 1950s.

helyett 100 design details


For the configuration, we chose the main components with famous brands historically associated with the Helyett during their history: Mavic wheels and Campagnolo Record groupset, with V-brakes skates to stay in the classic style. The Helyett 100 gives at the end a weight slightly less than 8.5 kg.

helyett 100 campagnolo mavic

Limited edition

Manufactured within the limit of 19 units only, with reference to the year of the creation of the brand, each Helyett 100 is numbered from 1 to 19 with a hitting badge fixed under the bottom bracket.

Manufactured in France

We decided to work in collaboration with a French workshop specialized in handmade and customized steel bicycles which embodies today the tradition of cycle craftsmanship in France. A special attention will be focused on each frame throughout its manufacturing process.

Data sheet

  • Sizes : 50 | 52 | 54 | 56 | 58 cm
  • Front triangle : Columbus Spirit
  • Rear triangle : Columbus Spirit
  • Fork : Columbus Futura Caliper
  • Headset : Chris King Inset 7
  • Stem : Chris King Inset 7
  • Handlebar : Deda RHM02
  • Tape : Lizard Skin
  • Groupset : Campagnolo Record 12V
  • Saddle : Fabric ALM
  • Seatpost : Deda RSX02
  • Wheels : Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST
  • Tires : Mavic tubeless
  • V-Brakes : Mavic
  • Pedals : Look Kéo Blade
  • Bottle cages : Campagnolo Super Record
  • Liquid paint : Audi® Emerald Green


helyett 100 design

Special features at the front: the Chris King headset integrated in a conical piece allows to preserve the visual coherence of the design by not breaking the junction between the frame and the fork and the glued metallic thin bars which make it possible to protect the paint from the friction of cables.

Book a Helyett 100

Calendar and conditions

1. Booking and order

Orders will be opened on September 04, 2019 to December 31, 2019 for 19 bikes of Helyett 100. We offer the possibility to book a bike by paying a deposit of 1000 € (non-refundable). By booking, you have the option to choose a serial number according to those available at the time of booking.

2. Delivery

The Helyett 100 bikes will be delivered following orders made.